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hygienist, Lourdes

Lourdes Nieto – Hygienist

Lourdes Nieto, a seasoned dental professional, brings a wealth of experience & expertise to her practice. Born in Cuba, Lourdes began her dental journey in 1984, graduating as a dentist before specializing in dental prosthesis. Her commitment to education led her to become a University Professor, where she imparted invaluable knowledge to aspiring dentists.

In 2012, Lourdes made a significant move to the United States & transitioned into the role of a dental hygienist. Drawing from her teaching background, she approaches patient care with a lighthearted, nonjudgmental manner, creating an environment conducive to growth & healthy habits.

Lourdes finds immense fulfillment in positively impacting her patients’ oral health, witnessing their confidence soar as they rediscover their radiant smiles. She is renowned for providing meticulous dental cleanings & offering comprehensive oral health guidance, ensuring each visit leaves patients feeling remarkably refreshed.

Embark on a journey towards a healthier, more radiant smile with Lourdes Nieto. Together, you’ll achieve optimal oral wellness & a renewed sense of confidence.

hygienist, Duberkis

Duberkis Miranda – Hygienist

Duberkis Martinez Miranda is a dedicated Dental Hygienist with a passion for promoting oral health & preventing gum disease. Hailing originally from Havana City, Cuba, Duberkis embarked on his dental journey after graduating from dental school in 2003 . His commitment to improving the well-being of his patients led him to Venezuela, where he spent 12 years honing his skills & gaining invaluable experience in the field.

In 2016, Duberkis made a significant move to the United States, where he continued his mission to provide top-notch dental care. With a warm & compassionate approach, he takes pride in educating his patients on the importance of proper oral hygiene & preventive measures against gum disease. He is a testament to the global nature of healthcare, bridging cultures & borders to ensure everyone enjoys the benefits of a healthy smile.

Duberkis resides in the picturesque city of Fort Myers, where he has put down roots with his loving family. Beyond his dedicated work as a dental hygienist, he leads a rich & fulfilling life outside of the clinic. He has a deep appreciation for the arts, finding solace in both music & visual expressions like painting & hand drawing. When he’s not creating art or brightening smiles, Duberkis often retreats to the beautiful beaches of Florida, where he can unwind & recharge. His enthusiasm for family activities is evident in his commitment to fostering strong bonds & creating lasting memories with his loved ones.

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